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SEBI Service

SEBI Services: Investment Advisory Consultancy, Compliance, and Litigation Support

Our SEBI services include investment advisory consultancy, registration, day-to-day compliance, audits, turnkey projects, and litigation support. Partner with us for comprehensive SEBI compliance solutions.

Welcome to our SEBI Services page, where we offer a wide range of solutions to meet your Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) compliance requirements. Our dedicated team of experts assists you in navigating the regulatory landscape with investment advisory consultancy, compliance support, audits, turnkey projects, and litigation representation.

Investment Advisory Consultancy

We provide investment advisory consultancy services to help you comply with SEBI regulations. Our experienced consultants offer strategic guidance on licensing requirements, code of conduct, risk management, and other compliance obligations. With our support, you can ensure ethical and compliant investment advisory practices.


Our team facilitates the registration process with SEBI, guiding you through the necessary documentation and regulatory requirements. We help you complete the registration formalities accurately, ensuring compliance with SEBI guidelines for various entities such as portfolio managers, investment advisors, or research analysts.

Day to Day Compliance

Compliance with SEBI regulations is a continuous endeavor. We assist you in managing day-to-day compliance activities, including regulatory filings, record-keeping, client communication, and adherence to disclosure requirements. Our experts ensure that your operations stay in line with SEBI guidelines.

Compliance Audits and Assurance

Our skilled professionals conduct compliance audits to evaluate the effectiveness of your internal controls and processes. We review your compliance framework, assess documentation, and identify any areas of improvement. Our audit reports provide valuable insights to enhance your compliance practices.

Turnkey Projects

When undertaking significant projects involving SEBI compliance, our team offers turnkey solutions. We provide end-to-end support in project planning, implementation, and monitoring. Our expertise ensures that your projects meet SEBI guidelines and are executed successfully.


Board, Adjudication, and Tribunal: In the event of litigation or regulatory disputes, our team represents you before SEBI boards, adjudication forums, and tribunals. We prepare legal arguments, gather evidence, and provide skilled representation to safeguard your interests and work towards a favorable resolution.

Partner with us for comprehensive SEBI compliance solutions. Contact us today to discuss your investment advisory, compliance, and litigation support needs. Our team is committed to helping you achieve SEBI compliance excellence.
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